Auto Pulse Desulfator For Lead Acid Batteries Regenerator Revive Battery 12v

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COMBINED SHIPPING FOR MULTIPLE ORDERS PLACED ON THE SAME DAY. FREE FIRST CLASS MAIL SHIPPING (2-5 DAYS TYPICAL DELIVERY) to all United States zip codes,including Guam and US Virgin Islands. No matter how many you buy, one flat rate price for shipping! What is a battery desulfator you ask? It is an electronic device that cleans the internal battery plates to remove the lead sulfate that builds up on poorly maintained batteries. This lead sulfate (that white residue) will form on the batteries internal plates and greatly reduces the capacity of a charge on a battery. By restoring the lead sulfate back into the electrolyte you can greatly extend the life of the battery by many years. Our product is designed to be left connected full-time to the battery and will provide many years of maintenance free operation. This product will work on all types of lead based batteries, including sealed lead acid (SLA), and the more common flooded lead acid (deep cycle or automotive). It is recommended that a small trickle style charger in the 1-2 amp range be used when recovering a battery with heavy deposits. Large high current, bulk rate chargers, will quickly cause heat build up in the battery and could boil the acid causing a very dangerous condition. For large battery systems, like that of a golf cart or solar battery bank, one desulfator is required per battery. This product will desulfate batteries ranging from 1 amp hour to 1000 amp hours of storage capacity. We even include the ring lug terminals pre-installed and ready to use. Our product is 100% made in the USA. Thank you for taking the time to read about our product. Battery Desulfator MD-12 series Features: Proven Circuit Design Surface Mount Technology PCB Strong ABS enclosure with mounting tabs Large Input Voltage Range 9 - 16VDC Low current draw components 100% Made in the USA INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1.) The Max Desulfator should be installed as close as possible to the battery terminals. (within 10 inches, or 25.4 cm) 2.) You many trim the wire leads back with wire cuttersstrippers to work best for your application. (shorter is better) 3.) Install the Red wire to the positive (+) terminal on your 12 volt battery. 4.) Install the Black wire to the negative(-) terminal on your 12 volt battery. 5.) Verify that the Blue LED is on. (this indicates that the desulfator has passed the self test and is working) 6.) The best results for recovery will occur within the first 2 weeks. If left connected longer, desulfating will continue but at a slower pace. 7.) The Max Desulfator has a built in auto ranging feature that will automatically adjust for different battery terminal voltages. 8.) You are done. Happy desulfating. NOTE: If you connect the wires incorrectly no damage will be done. Simply reverse the wire leads so that they are correctly installed and the Blue LED is on. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OPERATION INPUT VOLTAGE 9.0Vdc – 16Vdc OUTPUT VOLTAGE 33V (pk-pk) inductive (10uS pulse every 1mS approx.) RATED CURRENT 25mA Average @ nominal 13.8Vdc input. FREQUENCY RANGE .8 – 1.2 KHz. Temperature and input voltage dependent PROTECTION OVERLOAD Internal 4 amp SMT style fuse, fast blow type. OVER VOLTAGE Some limited protection is provided. REVERSE POLARITY Fully protected for reverse polarity, No damage will occur ENVIROMENT WORKING TEMP. 0C ~ +60C (+32F ~ +140F) WORKING HUMIDITY 20 ~ 90% RH non-condensing STORAGE TEMP. -20 ~ +85C (-4F ~ +185F) VIBRATION MAX. 10-500HZ, 3.5G 10min.1cycle, Period for 60min. Along X,Y,Z axis SAFETY WITHSTAND VOLTAGE IP – OP: 3KVAC ISOLATION RESISTANCE IP – OP: 100m ohms 500Vdc OTHERS MTBF 230.7K hours min. MIL-HDBK-217F (+25C) DIMENSION 23.5mm Diameter x 47mm Long (.925” Diameter x 1.850” Long) Wire length = 10.0 Long The manufacturer reserves the right to change these specifications at any time without notice.

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