Revive Battery - Auto Pulse Battery Desulfator Revive Rejuvenate Lead Acid 12i24i36i48 Volt 200ah

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Auto Pulse Battery Desulfator Revive Rejuvenate Lead Acid 12I24I36I48 Volt 200Ah DESCRIPTION:Batteries often fail because sulfates slowly develop and cover the battery plates. This sulfating process also weakens the electrolyte and this combined with the gradual coating of the plates slowly and almost imperceptibly reduces the battery ability to receive, store and then deliver power. This sulfating process gradually impairs battery function and causes a capacity loss until the battery can no longer perform the desired task and so the battery is deemed to have failed. However using an Auto Pulse Battery Desulfator can reverse the process by dissolving the sulfates, cleaning the plates and restoring the electrolyte strength so improving a battery life and capacity for an extended period. The Auto Pulse Battery DesulfatorRejuvenatorRecovery unit uses no external power and generates a high-frequency pulse to dissolve batteries desulfates. FUNCTION:The High-frequency Peak Pulse delivers an electronically controlled pulse to the battery causing crystalline sulfates to dissolve back into the electrolyte and so restoring battery function and electrolyte strength regaining the batteries ability to receive charging current and deliver discharge current. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY:Many desulfator products use an old technology inductor design to generate the pulse to desulfate a battery. This old technology creates a harsh inductor peak that can be damaging to the battery plates.Utilising our new capacity pulsing method a soft peak is generated so dissolving sulfates without damaging the battery plates.Old technology also requires a large inductor so necessitating a physically large desulfator device whereas using our advanced technology design the Auto Pulse Desulfator device is very compact yet provides BIG performance. NEW CYCLIC PULSING FUNCTION:In a similar manner to a Pulse battery charger (charge - rest -charge -rest etc) a cyclic desulfating pulse function (pulse-rest - pulse - rest etc) optimizes a batteries recovery process. This method of desulfation has been implemented in the new Auto Pulse Desulfator. AUTO PULSE DESULFATOR BENEFITS:Increases Battery PowerExtends Battery LifeBattery Charge FasterLonger DischargePrevents Sulfate Build-upReduces Evaporation COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES:Fully Automatic voltage selection. 12V 24V 36V and 48V.New Cyclic pulse generation method for improved capacity recovery.Soft Peak Pulsin.Auto cutoff function to prevent over discharge of battery.User Configurable override for manual voltage selection. USAGE METHOD:Just Red terminal connect to battery positive and black terminal to battery negative. And Auto Pulse.Battery Desulfator can cutoff when battery voltage is low. Package Includes:1 x AUTO PULSE DESULFATOR OUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT:If you dont have a positive experience for any reason, we will do our best to make sure you are one hundred percent satisfied with your purchase. Please, contact to us for any questions first, at any time.

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